FE Connect

The FE Connect App is an advanced platform for use exclusively with Franklin Electric products equipped with wireless connectivity.


  • Intuitive setup and configuration of compatible Franklin products
  • Real-time product status monitoring
  • Access to product logs, with the ability to email them for troubleshooting

Products that work with FE Connect:

  • SubDrive15
  • SubDrive20
  • SubDrive30
  • MonoDrive (NEMA 3R)
  • MonoDriveXT (NEMA 3R)

Refer to your Franklin Product Owner’s Manual for details and safety information regarding accessing.

Need help? feconnect@fele.com

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FE Connect Fhoton is a mobile application for use with a Wi-Fi equipped Franklin Electric Fhoton Drive. Two screens are available within the app: a Monitoring screen and a Setup screen. The screens have the following features:

  1. The Monitoring screen allows the user to monitor power, voltage, speed and currents associated with the Fhoton Drive.
  2. The Setup screen allows the user to change basic Fhoton Drive settings that enables customization to site-specific needs.